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Chubb personal and commercial clients have access to loss prevention services including Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can detect and help prevent property damage. 


Water leaks, changes in temperature or humidity, and vibrations can cause  damage to critical infrastructure and valuable assets. Hospitals, research labs, universities, libraries, commercial and residential properties, including those with private wine collections, are all vulnerable to potentially catastrophic damage. Chubb can help homeowners and commercial property managers deploy IoT sensor technology to monitor and identify threats to property before damage occurs. We're actively using this technology to help our clients avoid costly and time-consuming repairs.  

Safeguarding Facilities Susceptible to Damage  

Chubb can help its clients implement an IoT monitoring program designed to protect healthcare and other facilities with high value equipment by detecting the slightest indication of potential hazards from water damage, temperature changes or vibration. Facility administrators can get real-time smartphone app alerts, ensuring efficient building management and occupant safety. Small sensors installed in critical locations help detect conditions to prevent damage before it occurs or escalates – keeping facilities operating.




Protecting Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals have exposures that make them particularly susceptible to large claims arising from water losses including damage to high-value medical equipment, sterile surgical instruments, medicines and research animals, all requiring controlled humidity and temperature environments intertwined with a complex physical plant. For hospital facility managers, monitoring operating rooms can be a challenge, but Chubb’s IoT program is there to help.



Keeping Class in Session on College Campuses

Most college campuses include a matrix of buildings, such as teaching laboratories, dormitories and libraries – some steeped in history and others with new state-of-the-art technology. For campus facility managers, monitoring can also be a challenge. Chubb’s IoT program adds extra “eyes” in buildings vulnerable to water damage or temperature changes.



Residential Building Protection – Enjoying Vertical Living

A water leak in one apartment can wreak havoc on the entire building, flood multiple floors and units, and disrupt the lives of every resident. Chubb’s IoT program can detect the potential for a catastrophic loss early. Real-time alerts about potential issues can be sent to residential homeowners’ or superintendents’ phones to address problems before they result in major losses.



Real-Time IoT 

Chubb’s IoT monitoring program includes a turnkey package of small, easy-to-install devices, software, customizable alerts and 24x7 monitoring support. Our IoT team comprises experienced risk engineers, who can help guide clients through the installation process. The mobile app includes an intuitive dashboard that delivers actionable alerts and real-time insights to identify problems before significant damage occurs. 



Detect and Prevent Damage

Detecting and preventing water leaks is a primary focus of Chubb’s IoT solutions.  Burst pipes, roof leaks, overflowing toilets, and leaking appliances can cause significant damage, with losses ranging from thousands into millions of dollars. Water damage can also result in business interruption, relocation costs, lost rents, and can negatively impact business reputation. According to insurance industry statistics, the frequency and cost of water damage losses is increasing. While no business class is truly immune, water claims are highest for commercial buildings, hotels, universities, office buildings and healthcare facilities. For more information on water damage trends and solutions, see Chubb’s Preventing Water Damage whitepaper.



Protecting Wine Collections – Ensuring Taste and Aroma

Connoisseurs who enjoy fine wine know how to care for their stored collection. Now, wine aficionados can do more to protect their valuable collections. Chubb’s IoT monitoring program, a complement to our wine preservation expertise, can alert private collectors via a smartphone app to fluctuations in temperature, humidity and other conditions in their wine storage that can significantly alter the quality of the wine.




Devices and products described herein are provided by third party vendors not affiliated with Chubb. Chubb assumes no liability or responsibility for products and/or services provided by such vendors. The offer described herein is not an indication that insurance coverage is available under any Chubb policy for any particular incident.